Modernizing the Mainframe with WIRE

Modernize legacy applications with new Web interfaces or within rich Web apps to expand user access and accelerate returns on mainframe investments.


Keep my mainframe

WIRE is the cost effective, practical approach to modernizing and mobilizing your mainframe. WIRE spares your business years of transitional costs and labor by modifying your system instead of replacing it. The web-style interface streamlines workflow by enabling multiple functions to be performed on a single screen, enhancing overall productivity and limiting user error.

Transition from mainframe

If your company’s goal is to reduce the use of mainframe technologies and move to a more modern system, WIRE will expedite the transition. WIRE is installed immediately, and without interruption to your business. WIRE can enhance your existing user interfaces with no coding on the mainframe and will help boost revenue and increase overall efficiency, helping you reach your goal even sooner.

Transform your green screens in under a week

Day 1 - out of the box 100% of your mainframe in a Browser or Mobile Device
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Brandon Systems and WIRE

Turn to Brandon Systems and WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine, to revitalize your mainframe and re-energize your business. For many enterprises, the mainframe is the business-critical platform, yet legacy applications remain inaccessible to the vast majority of users. Mainframe modernization solves the problem.

Using WIRE, enterprises update legacy apps with easy Web interfaces, create rich new Web composite apps incorporating mainframe and other information assets, provide self-service access to millions of new users, and restart the mainframe as a revenue engine.

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Empowering The Modern User

Legacy mainframe applications were built at a time when highly trained operators had sole access to core business systems. Other employees, partners, and customers could “interact” with the mainframe only through these power users working in a call center or office pool.

Today, however, people expect instant self-service access to everything – bank accounts, insurance policies, health records, and so on. For many organizations, providing that access and tapping the vast pool of user productivity can revolutionize business.


To revitalize mainframe applications with modern Web interfaces or incorporate mainframe resources within rich new Web-based composite applications, Brandon uses WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine. With WIRE, organizations make the mainframe readily accessible from any client device – desktop, laptop, tablet, and the latest smartphone.

WIRE is a programming and runtime environment that enables rapid development and deployment of dynamic new Web applications for today’s users – employees, partners, and customers – while reducing modernization costs.

With WIRE’s three presentation modes, organizations can deploy terminalstyle screens for seasoned users, add Web tools such as navigation tabs and buttons for an even easier terminal-style display, or design rich, fullfeatured Web pages or entirely new Web applications featuring appealing layouts, formatting, and navigation, and leveraging custom controls and data dictionary rules to integrate data, logic, and services from virtually any resource.


Our flexible solution and experienced team can meet any legacy modernization need. If you are seeking a clear path to a revitalized mainframe without disrupting people or processes, we encourage you to

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